Climate change is making it harder to grow food on the Pueblo. Some of the biggest impacts from climate change are:

Cultural Impacts of Climate Change

Growing food is a very important part of Pueblo culture. Climate change will make it harder to practice some cultural traditions:

Storytelling and the Use of Tewa Language

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I enjoyed planting with my grandpa because I learned the language. He spoke to me in my language.


Ceremonies and Dances

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As a people… a lot of the dances we do… it all goes back to that practice of farming. A lot of the ceremonies, the traditions we have go back to that practice of farming.

Press play to hear Josseph tell this story.

Joseph Aguilar

Connection to Plants, Animals and the Natural Surroundings

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During our spring dances you used to hear geese go by, but you don’t hear that anymore.


Food Sovereignty

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Hear Martin and Joseph Aguilar talk about growing, selling, and trading corn.

Martin & Joseph aguilar